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Following a consultation with your clinician, you have been issued a SignatureRx prescription. If you are having trouble at the local pharmacy please call us on 0333 355 5990

Collect Your
Presciption at a
local pharmacy



You will have an email, SMS or a message from your clinician with a prescription ID. This will allow the pharmacy to retrieve your prescription.



Present your prescription ID and DOB at your local pharmacy and inform them that you have a signatureRx private electronic prescription.

They can redeem this at


Using these details, any pharmacy can view your prescription and provide you with the cost and stock availability.



You pay the prescription charge at the pharmacy, and the pharmacist will dispense your medication.

Top Tips

If the pharmacy is not accepting the prescription, call our helpline on 0333 3555990 for support or try a different pharmacy.

The prescription can be dispensed at any pharmacy in the country as it is covered by the The Human Medicine Regulation 2012.

Once your prescription has been dispensed, you will not be able to collect the same prescription from another pharmacy.

You can collect your prescription at a local Boots Pharmacy, Well Pharmacy, Asda, Superdrug, Morrisons, Tesco or Lloyds Pharmacy along with any Independent pharmacy.

If there are any clinical issues with the prescription or you are unable to find the prescription on the system, please contact your doctor or clinic.

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Pharmacy Locator

Frequently Asked Questions

Present this email or SMS at a local pharmacy and inform them you have a SignatureRx private electronic prescription. The pharmacy can redeem this at

You will need to provide the pharmacy with your date of birth to allow them to access the prescription. In some cases, the pharmacy may ask you for ID.

You can collect this prescription at your local pharmacy.

The cost of a private prescription varies between pharmacies. This cost depends on the pharmacy and the medication.

You can get your medication through Signature Pharmacy. Simply click the ‘deliver my prescription’ button on the email and Signature Pharmacy will contact you with a payment link. Or CLICK HERE to request it online.

If you are having issues at a local pharmacy, please call SignatureRx on 0333 355 5990. You can also opt to have your medication delivered by clicking here

If one or more of the items is not in stock at the local pharmacy, the pharmacist could provide you with a date and time to come back and collect the medication. If you need the medication sooner, you can try an alternative pharmacy.

You would need to collect the entire prescription at a single pharmacy.

You could also try Signature Pharmacy. To submit your prescription, click here and if the medication is in stock the pharmacy will contact you in two working hours with a payment link. 

You can get your medication through Signature Pharmacy. Enter your prescription ID and DOB on this page, and Signature Pharmacy will contact you within two working hours with a payment link. You can also click the ‘deliver my prescription’ button on the email.

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Having Trouble At The Local

Call us 0333 355 5990

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