Advanced electronic private prescription system for clinicians

Our electronic private prescription service allows telemedicine providers and clinicians to send paperless, secure and completely compliant prescriptions direct to any pharmacy, anywhere in the UK.
Paperless, secure private prescriptions
Uses advanced electronic signatures as per regulations
No more paper prescription and trips to the postbox
Patient can present at any UK pharmacy
Private prescriptions for less than a first class stamp

Why use our electronic private prescription service?

As a prescriber, patient care is your number one priority – so we’ve developed an advanced system that saves you the time and hassle of hand-signing, printing and posting your private prescriptions.

Developed to work in a similar way to the NHS EPS system, our private e-prescription service offers a range of benefits for both prescriber and patient…


Benefits for prescribers

  • More secure than paper prescriptions:
  • Reduced risk of forged prescriptions
    • You have SOLE access to your account and prescription issues
    • Each signature is securely linked to the prescription
    • Better for the environment and your CSR policies
  • Advanced encryption and cryptography for your legal compliance
  • Frictionless prescription fulfilment
  • Each prescription costs less than a first class stamp
  • Reliable prescription tracking
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If you’re a clinician, you can learn more about how signatureRX works for prescribers here.

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Benefits for patients

Our advanced electronic private prescription service is safe, secure, speedy and completely compliant with all relevant regulations – if you’d like any further information, drop us a line via this form.

Are you a pharmacy?

If a patient has presented at your pharmacy with an authorisation code, you can dispense this prescription just as you would a paper private prescription.