Advanced electronic private prescription system for clinicians

If you’re a doctor, clinician or telemedicine provider and you’re tired of wasting time printing, signing and sending private prescriptions – plus dealing direct with pharmacies – our revolutionary electronic prescribing service is the perfect solution.

Electronically issued private prescriptions
Completely secure and legally compliant
Pay less than the price of a first class stamp per prescription
Patients collection from any UK pharmacy
Prevents prescription fraud

How does our electronic prescribing system work?

As the world moves more towards digital services, your patients expect efficiency and convenience to help them work around their busy lives.

You’re busy too, so we’ve developed a system for electronic prescribing that works much the same as the NHS EPS, targeted to make your life easier – whether you’re consulting in person, or remotely.

signatureRX is easy to use and complies with the Medicines for Human Use (Prescribing) Order 2005, the regulation allows prescriptions to be signed using advanced electronic signatures.


Grab your smartphone and your passport or driving licence, and sign-up to our prescribing service through a simple, one-off registration.


Log-in securely using secure two-factor authentication and create a prescription by adding a new patient or searching for an existing patient.


Your patient receives a code by email so they can collect their prescription from any UK pharmacy or arrange an online prescription delivery service.


To view your patient’s prescription history, or to see the status of the prescription and if/where it’s been collected, just check your private account.

How much does our prescribing service cost?

Our e-prescribing service works on a credit-based system, allowing you to buy credits – or prescription tokens – either individually, or in bulk.

Prescription tokens start at £2 per prescription, but buy 50+ prescription tokens and the cost reduces to just £1.10 per token – which is less that a first class large letter stamp and a great investment when you consider what it saves in:

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Got a question?

Our electronic prescribing service is the ideal way to ensure your patients get their medication quickly, while giving you total control at the touch of a few buttons – you can sign up here, or if you you’d like to speak to one of our friendly team to find out more, please contact us below.